Products & Technologies

Geoco 20- Soil Stabilization Coir Cell

Geoco 20 is a system of densely woven tracks of coconut fibers 20cm height.  This system is installed on the slope as a rhombus hive (or as parallel diagonals) and filled up with garden soil as a habitat layer of 20cm height or 40cm height in a double layered system.

Geoco- Coir Sheets for Erosion Control

Geoco are stabilizing geotechnical nets made of coconut natural fibers without any synthetic   or artificial supplements. The slope surface and the channel are covered with these nets and then the nets are nailed to the ground with wedges.


Hydro seeding is a method in which form one or more species are sprayed on the ground together with seedbed made of wood fibers and fertilizers.The seeds sprout into this seedbed and put down roots into the ground.Hydro seeding is a method well known abroad since 1950 and was brought to Israel in 1989.

Hydrotex Fabric forms

Hydrotex fabric forms are the most effective and ecological method for soil stabilization and lining of waterways: channels, streams, shores, lakes, reserves, slides, hydraulic channels, bridges bases, slopes and more. Channel Lining with hydrotex fabric forms ensures the stabilization of the channel, even in very high-speed flows.

PolySoil -Polymer Soil Stabilizer

PolySoil is a technology for soil stabilization, erosion control and dust control. Liquid polymer diluted in water is sprayed on the ground, absorbed in it, stick the soil particles and creates stiff shell with high soil coherence that significantly decreases the splash erosion.

Geocell- Polyethylene Cells for Soil Stabilization

Geocell is a layer of plastic cells with sealed or perforated walls in a hive shape that is spread on the ground, anchored and filled with soil, gravel or concrete. The layer arrives in a shrunken form and opens as an accordion to its cells form. Geocell’s color brown.

Tecco+ Tecco Green for Cliffs and Slopes Stabilization

Tecco® net is a structural solution for stabilizing very steep slopes and cliffs and ensures excellent stabilization together with preserving the natural and green look of the cliff.

Deltax and Greenax- Rockfall protection

DELTAX® high-tensile steel wire mesh is a cost-effective solution to protect people and infrastructure against rock fall and slope instability.

GREENAX® incorporates a three-dimensional polypropylene erosion control mat into high-tensile steel wire mesh. The integrated, reinforced composite is suitable for temporary and permanent erosion control.

Permeon- Cliff’s Landscape Reclemation

Inhencement of the natural process of the patina after civil works

Texinov -Warp-Knitting Layers for Soil Stabilization

GBE – Rockfall Protection Barrier

  • Flexible barrier systems are designate for prevention of rock falls in cliffs or for rocks retention in inundation flows in streams. These systems efficiency is drawn from their stretching and shrinking ability. When a rock hit the barrier it’s blocked effectively by spreading the strengths in the net and in the supporting infrastructure.

EcoGag – Green and Environmental Roofs

CU Soil- Structural Soil for Trees Habitat under Pavements

Strata- Soil Boxes for Trees Habitat under pavements

Drainbox – Drainage and Collection Water Tanks

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