Hadar Systems was founded in 1976 and is operating in the green industry since then.

Since 1990 Hadar Stabilization Systems & Landscaping Ltd. provides products and technologies in the fields of soil stabilization, erosion control, landscape restoration and revegetation in Israel. Hadar import, produce and market green solutions for infrastructure and building projects and is the leading company in Israel in these fields.

Our vision is to bridge between the development pressures and nature protection by marketing quality ecological products and promoting new technologies.

 Hadar Soil Stabilization Projects is Hadar Stabilization's installation sister company.

The CEO of both companies is Yoav Hadar, who is also a member of the IECA (the International Erosion Control Association).

Hadar offers full range solutions for streambanks and marine applications. Starting from soft stabilization solutions including Hydroseeding, coir (coconut) rolls and meshes and seeded sheets to rigid solutions, when stronger forces are required, including Hydrotex fabric formed concrete on its various models.

Hadar stabilization systems is the distributer in Israel of Synthetex fabrics Hydrotex and is the only producer in Israel of the fabric forms mattresses.

Hadar soil stabilization has installation experience of Hydrotex fabric formed concrete in many projects.

Our customers are governmental and municipality authorities, building and infrastructure contractors and landscape architects. Among our client are Israeli road company, National Parks and Nature Reserve, drainage authorities, Israeli railways company and many more.

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